3 Simple Steps to Your Own Website – Explained

So you want to build that website ñ for whatever reason, perhaps youíve started a business or simply wish to share pictures of the new addition to your family. Let me tell you itís easier than you think ñ all you need is directions that you can follow and you will soon be online. Best Dishwasher in India

Letís talk what it will cost upfront. For $10 – $20/month you can have a working website (Imagine: www.yourname.com), available to anyone in the world with internet access. Thatís a trip to your favourite fast food joint. (Yes, you can afford it!) There are also some ways of getting a free site ñ still residing at www.yourname.com, but lets learn about all those weird internet terms first.

There are 3 basic components required to building a personal, custom website.
You need:
– A domain name
– A hosting account and
– Content written in HTML or some other web language.
I know, whatís a domain name!!!?

Here is an analogy I teach:

You live in a home that is built on a certain piece of land (that you rent or buy). That piece of land has a specific address.

Your website (a collection of individual web pages) sits on a hosting account that you rent. That hosting account is found at a specific address ñ called a domain name.

Your Home Your Website
Your Street Address: e.g. 1 John St, Anytown
Your domain name: e.g. www.yourname.com
Your plot of land Your hosting account
Your physical house Your web content

Here is the 3 step process:
STEP 1: Choose your address
STEP 2: Rent some space on a computer connected to the internet
STEP 3: Build the house you want and place it on the space you bought in step 2

Letís explain each step:
STEP 1: Choose your address (a domain name)
With the internet you can choose what you want your address to be (your domain name). What are you selling? What would make a cool name? Understand that after over 10 years of public internet access ñ a lot of good names have been taken. So get creative, and be unique but understandable. An easy place to start with is your full name for a family/personal site or your product name for a business site. Make a list of about 10 possibilities that you like in this format www.yourdesiredname.com Move to the next step.

STEP 2: Rent some space on a computer connected to the internet (A hosting account)
With a quick search for the words ìWeb Hostingî on the internet, you get a list of web hosting companies ñ all eager to sell or rent you some space on their computer. GoDaddy.com and 1and1.com are some recommended companies ñ feel free to look into others, but there are thousands upon thousands ñ so donít waste your time searching for the cheapest (you pay for what you get, but $10+ will get you a decent hosting account.

Many of the hosting companies will either give you or sell you your choice of domain name at the same time you start your hosting account. Bring out your list from STEP 1, and when instructed in the purchase process, enter in your first domain name choice. You will be informed if that name is available or not. Keep trying out your names in order of your preference until you find on that is available. Finish the purchase process and let the hosting company instruct you on how to access you account. (Theyíll send you an email ñ and if you go with one of the companies I recommended, you can call them with your questions.)